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Welcome! My name is Charles Bishop; and I live in Pompano Beach, Florida. I am a professional wedding photographer on most days, and a beach bum on some. There are many things I love about wedding photography, but none can compare to seeing the groom’s reaction when he finally sees his beautiful bride walking down the aisle, wearing the most exquisite wedding dress he has ever seen. First, his eyes light up and a smile slowly spreads across his lips. After a while, his eyes are brimming with tears, out of happiness no doubt, and feeling like he is the luckiest man in the world because this beautiful woman walking towards him chose him. I simply love photographing precious moments like these! It’s the best part of my job, if you ask me.

This website is more of a personal site than a professional one. I created this blog site for the sheer joy of sharing with others my experiences photographing beautiful couples on their special day. I also hope to inspire other budding photographers to consider wedding photography because you will get to witness an outpouring of the most wonderful human emotions in one special event—a milestone that, if we’re lucky, we get to keep and remember for the rest of our lives.

I suppose my sentimentality is what inspired me to become a wedding photographer. I see it as an honor and privilege to be invited to one of the most intimate and sacred moments in a couple’s life.

I love traveling as well, and I’m lucky enough to have been invited to a few destination weddings (one more reason why I love my job). But whether I travel for work or leisure, I make sure to always have my camera with me every time I step out of the hotel. You’ll never known when inspiration will hit you, so it’s best to always be ready!

There are three general themes that you can expect to read about in this site: wedding and travel photography, places I’ve visited locally and overseas, and Pompano Beach, Florida. I can’t leave out Pompano Beach because this is an amazing place! If you’re planning a visit soon, I just might have something for you right here in this site so do check out my pages here for posts on Pompano Beach.

By the way, I love taking photos of beach weddings, and this I consider it a specialty of mine. So if there’s anything you’d like to ask me about beach wedding photography or even wedding photography in general, please feel free to leave me a message. And if you’re ever in Pompano Beach and you need someone to point you to the best restaurants or family-friendly attractions, I’m your guy!

In the meantime, please take your time browsing through my website. I hope you find my posts informative and entertaining. I look forward to seeing you all again here soon!

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My Diary

Charles Bishop Pompano Beach Florida Wedding Photographer: Is a Beach Wedding Ideal for You?

Charles Bishop Pompano Beach Florida Wedding Photographer: Is a Beach Wedding Ideal for You?

Hi, everyone! It’s Charles Bishop. As you know, I live in Pompano Beach, Florida, and being a professional wedding photographer, I’ve been invited to some of the most amazing beach weddings in and beyond Pompano Beach. My definition of ‘amazing wedding’ isn’t one that is screaming of extravagance and money-is-no-object setup. Amazing for me means solemn and relaxed. No harassed wedding planner barking instructions to everyone. Weddings are supposed to be happy occasions, and they should always be about the couple.

I like beach weddings. They’re less rigid and restrictive compared to traditional weddings held in traditional venues. Don’t get me wrong, all weddings are beautiful. It’s just that, for me, some are simply better than others. But that’s just my opinion. Now, if you’re like me, and you’d rather do away with all the ‘frivolities’ of traditional weddings, then a beach wedding might be ideal for you.

If exchanging I Do’s amidst a backdrop of sun, sand, and sea, with only your close family and friends in attendance, is something you prefer, then let me mention it again—a beach wedding might just be the best option for you. Here are a few other factors that could point towards a beach wedding being ideal for you and your soon-to-be spouse:

1. You want something relaxed and laidback. Let’s face it, cooker-cutter weddings just seem more stiff and confining. In most cases (except for garden or courtyard weddings), you and your guests only have those four walls of the venue to look at during the reception. That alone can already make you feel caged and confined. But out on the beach, you’ll be surrounded by beautiful natural scenery stretching as far as the eye can see. What can be more relaxing than that?

2. You can go formal or casual chic. Wedding attires can cost thousands of dollars; formal wear for the groom and his entourage, and the bride’s gown and her bridesmaids’ dresses can set you back by tens of thousands. At a beach wedding, you can forego the formal attire and go with casual chic and no one will hold it against you. Beach attire for a wedding? Why not?

3. You can forego the extravagant decorations. The best thing about beach weddings is that you have your theme already set before you. Tables, chairs and flowers are the most that you will need at a beach wedding. Not only will this save you hundreds of dollars in wedding décor, but you also won’t be hard pressed to choose décor upon décor to make sure that each one is a perfect complement to the other.

Casual and laidback, yet just as solemn and sacred, a beach wedding is perfect for couples who want to have a stress-free wedding, from planning to the actual day.

If you’re still undecided about whether to have a beach wedding or not, I encourage you to discuss the idea with your partner; after all, it’s your day so you get to enjoy it anyway you want. Don’t think so much about what your family and friends expect your wedding to be. Focus on what you and your partner truly want.

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